Timar company, founded in the mid 1970s, has become a leading brand in children’s footwear, thanks to the creativity and determination of its founders, Sergio and Emilia.

The strong point of the company is the continuous attention to the product and to the know-how, which has gradually improved the quality, without an increase in price.

After 40 years of success in Italy, Timar company has become dynamic and advanced thanks to Tiberio and Mary, who succeeded their parents in the management of the firm. During these years, Timar company has experienced an exponential growth, reaching a competitive level in Europe.

Over these years of experience and reliability, Timar brand has developed many shoe models with different characteristics but always 100% made in Italy. Timar brand means top quality handcrafted footwear, always fashionable and with a good price/quality ratio.

Timar certifies its footwear with registered trademarks, as a guarantee for the quality of its shoes.

100% Made in Italy